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Do I need FTX Vector for P3Dv5, really?


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I have a Vector from FS9 time, in all P3Dv.xxx version. However I noticed that this "small" version for v5 sometimes looks worse than default v5 datas (Im writing about shoreline). See this:


Vector ON








Vector OFF (it fits better with real according me)




so what's the benefit of having Vector enabled for v5?


Second question, does the Vector for v4.5 and v5 look the same in terms of the shoreline (I need this info for creating scenery)?


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2 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:

The 4.5 and 5 versions of Vector contain identical data.


Thx Nick, so for example, if I create scenery (in v5) - better to have turning on the FTX Vector in v5 too - due the compatibility with P3Dv4.5 (+ Vector on) for the others users in the same time? Do I understand it correctly? 

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because LM have updated all the airports, Vector for P3D v5 does not include the Airport Elevation Correction component.

If you have an elevation problem with an addon airport, it will not be caused by Vector for P3D v5.

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