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I am in Love With Orbx' Smaller Airports

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Places like Caernarfon, Elstree, Booker, Shoreham, Stapleford et al really have made msfs a truly georgeous environment. The scenery itself and the buildings, the airport life (especially when they are well visited, like Elstree - that seems to have the most AI so far), the atmosphere...

So I decided to answer a question earlier: how far is it from Elstree to Booker. Well as the moth flies, around 20 miles - or a percieved lifetime with a strong headwind as it turns out. (OK, it's an FSX import of Ant's Tiger Moth that crashes msfs if you try it in VR, but...)

We are getting to the stage where 100 dollar burger flights are really a possibilityand you still have time to fly home after lunch for a cream tea.







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What we need is a Bob, was that the name of him in FSX. I would definitely pay for him. Plus I agree it is nice to just be able to move around the small Airports. Thanks Derek.

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Small airports are by far my favorite, especially in the UK and US.  To me you see one large airport you see them all, they have no personality as far as I'm concerned.

Nice set of shots! :)

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1 hour ago, zkdos said:

Beautiful shots! Where is the Tigermoth available from for MSFS please?

OK, it's an FSX import of Ant's Tiger Moth that crashes msfs if you try it in VR

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