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Pointing Orbx Central to a Sim's Location?

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I recently reinstalled FSX, to my C drive, & Orbx Central picked it up straight away.

Due to space limitations I have relocated FSX to a plug in SSD. (Which also carries XP11 & Orbx Central finds that without issue)

After moving FSX, Orbx Central no longer shows it in my drop down list of Sims. (I suspect it is looking for it on the C drive)

Is there a way for me to point Orbx Central to the new location of FSX?

Thanks you



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no, the utility is only for FSX.

To see P3D v5, Orbx Central requires that this registry entry is present:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v5\AppPath 

and that it points to the correct location of the P3D v5 root folder.

That location must also contain Prepar3D.exe.

An unimpeded installation of P3D v5 will add both of these requirements but

the registry entry is not written until P3D v5 is run once.


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