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answered P3DV5 - ENTO Sandefjord Torp issues

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Hello, and thanks to @Finni Hansen for bringing Sandefjord to P3DV4 and V5.

I've noted the following things and if possibile a feedback would be appreciated in order to understand if it was my setup or a "scenery issue"


1) Through the Configurator in FTX Central isn't present the ENTO Configuration Tool, is it correct?

2) Launching a flight in ENTO i've seen compatibility terrain issues with FTX Norway. I've solved them disabling the following files in FTX Norway folder, are they correct? The first one seemed disabled by ENTO setup.



The problems seem resolved.

3) There isn't a proper way through the config to disable to static aircraft. Solved manually disabled 737RYR.bgl and ento_q400.bgl both to *.off.

4) Dynamic lights seems (but maybe it's only my impression) too yellow. Is it possible to bring them more natural (more white)


Cheers and regards



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Hi Stefano, sorry for the late reply! 


1) There is indeed no control panel for ENTO (A simple one will be added in update 1)

2) Correct - one of the files are disabled by setup. Can you post some screenshots of what issues you're having?

3) See #1

4) The lights are indeed quite yellow\orange on Torp IRL, and we tried to match those.






-- Finn


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Hi @Finni Hansen thanks for your reply.

Indeed, i don't know what i've seen but i was 100% sure (I've made some tests and the ground seemed corrupted). Today, re-activating the BGLs after your message i didn't notice any difference. My bad, sorry, didn't know what happened :O.


Thanks for the confirmation about the small configurator which will be inserted in Central.

Also understood what you mean for the dynamic lights colors. Indeed they are really similar to the ones you have put in ENTO.


Thanks again, I'll looking forward for the update and maybe in another Scandinavian/Finnish airport for the Sim



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