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RL flying Jarrad Marshal fields EGE TEX


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I love KEGE for so many reasons. Its a Jarrad Marshal airport that has a huge coverage area. Its PilotEdge ATC controlled. It pairs up nicely with KDEN, KASE and KTEX. So when my niece went out to work at Beaver Creek Ski Resort just outside of Eagle, I made plans to go out and see her as well as do some mountain flying lessons.

I kinda use Orbx addons as a bucket list of places to fly. Some of the fields I've flown at have been

Bill Womacks KACK Nantucket, 2B2 Plum Island
Alex Goff KBID Block Island

and now Jarrad Marshals KEGE Eagle and KTEX Telluride


Had it not been for Covid I would of flown KSEZ Sedona last year. I did visit the airport as well as I have visited 2WA1 Diamond Point and KHQM Bowerman Field.

So on this trip I checked off a fair amount of bucket list items.
KEGE and KTEX flying in and out of those. KLXV Leadville just a short hop from Eagle and is the highest airport in North America. Got my high performance endorsement in a C182 on tundra Tires, Did my flight review and had the instructor sign off on my Part 107 renewal. So heres a video of the landings and take offs at KEGE, KTEX and KLXV.


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On 5/1/2021 at 12:57 AM, boetie said:

Thanks for sharing. Looked very choppy up there on your first takeoff. Beautiful area to fly low and slow.


Graeme :)

It was. the winds were 250 @ 10 gusting 18 and getting that wind from the ridge made me glad that I rotated way early down the runway as I wouldnt want to be close to the ground in that. Not that it would be crazy bad but if given the chance, then yeah I'll pass.

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