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Multiple installations

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Hi Nick, No I have installed my own copy on my PC and am trying to install another copy on one of my son's PC using a different internet provider.

I have installed all 10 disks, entered the activation code, only to get a message to the effect that I already own the app.


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I do know that using the Microsoft Store version, the simulator can be installed on two PCs

at the same location but it will only allow the use of one copy at a time.

I would guess, though I do not know, that if an attempt was made to install the same copy at

a different location, it would fail.

I would expect that the DVD version would have similar protection and that the solution might

need to be the purchase of a second and third licence.

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Hi Nick, After about ½ an hour of inactivity I was asked to insert the FS disc, it did not say which one so I inserted Disc 1.

I was then offered the option of downloading 1.7gb of data which i did. Then the large FS download

147.0gb screen appeared. I selected OK and at the moment it is downloading the balance of the programme

I will leave  the PC running all night and await with baited breath tomorrow morning's development.




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