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YBBN Brisbane International Airport 1.1.0 update


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Hi all,


YBBN v2 has been updated to version 1.1.0 and is now available on Orbx Central.



  • Various line markings flickering or not appearing
  • Terrain issue near pipes at taxiways H2 & M
  • Straightened some taxiway markings
  • Missing taxiway lighting
  • Tweaked concrete surface enhance dirt appearance.
  • Various ILS adjustments
  • Dynamic lighting - new apron colouring
  • Dynamic lighting - v4 and v5 specific versions to account for changes to the D/L system introduced in v5
  • Missing GSX profile added



  • Parking numbers now green at night
  • HSBC signs to jetways
  • Gables on both runways
  • Decommissioned runway should no longer appear on certain nav systems
  • Control panel option to switch between using Orbx ANZ and AIG AI traffic packages
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