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Kruger NP in P3D, not perfect at all


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I downloaded the Aeroworx freeware airstrips on avsim and did a little tour between various safari resorts in Kruger NP.
Took off from Hoedspruit FAHS, ...


... flew over the Kapama Game Reserve (spotting no animals), ...


... to AW50 Inyathi. Not really working.


The next one is Singita AW52. May be usable, but not immpressive. Read a little review here, if you are interested in luxury travel: https://onemileatatime.com/singita-safari/ 


Othawa AW51 has not much more to show, but at least a little.


Chitwa Safari Lodge, ...


Djuma Game Reserve, ...


... and Chitwa Game Lodge.


What does work well is Skukuza airport FASZ.


I did not run the Vector elevation tool, maybe this was the reason for the troubles. On the other hand this is FSX freeware, must not necessarily work with OLC.

Does anyone have better experience?

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10 hours ago, lifejogger said:

Nice shots Gerold but very disappointing that there were trees all over the runways.  You need to go to MSFS  2020, they have some very nice African scenery.

Thank you John, and...

11 hours ago, BradB said:

Does anyone have better experience?     ................ It is called MSFS 2020 , maybe you have heard of it . B):D

... thanks to you, John, as well. The Okavango scenery leads the way, no doubt. There are certainly areas where MSFS is superior to the old engine. But there are also areas where it still has gaps!


11 hours ago, VH-KDK said:

Very disappointing for you Gerold. We have been spoiled with the OZx enhancements but these don't come up to scratch.

Luckily everything else in the views looks good, especially the OLC content.

Thanks Martyn. You are right, sometimes installing and fiddling does not instantly solve problems. Well, here it is just a lack of optics at the bushstrips, and I can pay that tribute. OLC Africa is adding so much to such a big area.


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8 hours ago, wain71 said:

so disappointing when something doesn't match our expectations.....

Disappointing: Yes, Wayne. But I did not expect anything, it is not easy to get freeware running perfectly if designed for older sim versions.

What remains is the question if the vector elevation tool or deactivation of some files could cure the problem...

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