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active Airports with openLC Africa

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I saw some screenshots on the community screenshot forum of Abuja (DNAA) airport scenery.

Is this included in openLC Africa? I've just downloaded it and it's not showing up, I'm just getting the default airport.


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As far as I know, and as far as I have observed, there are no airport upgrades in OLC Africa. And, again, as far as I remember, this is not intended in OLC products either.


Even worse, P3D and FSX are based on data from about 2006, so all airports built after that time are not existing. Jo´burg FAOR or Durban FALE, to name a few. This will probably be an issue with the upcoming OLC Asia as well. And this leaves room for 3rd party developers.

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In fact, Open LC Africa offers 8 airports as a "bonus" (but you are right, this is not usual with the other Open LC)






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