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Brisbane City Pack - Performance

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Hi Orbx Team


Really enjoying the visual quality of the Brisbane City Pack for FS2020, but it is really taking a toll on the performance. As a point of comparison, Sydney City Scape runs like a dream with a mix of high/ultra settings. Brisbane City Pack is almost unplayable on the same settings, especially when flying up the river with all the bridges in view. My PC is no slouch (Ryzen 5600x, 64GB RAM @ 3200Mhz, RTX 3070 GPU). 


Are there any recommended performance tweaks I can make? 



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Do you have any downloads from the freeware sites that might be impacting the scenery?  Any airports, aircraft etc?


The scenery runs fine in my MSFS that only has Orbx sceneries apart from a couple half a continent away.


You can cut and paste any or all of your add-on sceneries out of the community folder into the next level up to disable them and then they can be returned in a flash.

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Hi John


I have 3 things installed above the base MS2020. 


1) Orbx Sydney Cityscape

2) Orbx Brisbane City Pack

3) Orbx Redcliffe (free) 


No other products or additions. I guess I can try removing Redcliffe, although I don't see how that would affect it. 

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