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Orbx-Central locks up repeatedly

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Running XP 11.53 on iMac MacOS 11.3.  Attempting to update Northern Cal Central freezes and slows down computer drastically after scanning about 49k files. Notice from earlier posts this has happened to others & have tried solutions suggested with no positive result.  Presumably Central is compatible with Big Sur?  Have several apps, GB N,S, C, Florida, Washington and Oregon installed from previous installations.   Can't afford to have Central unusable.

Log attached.


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Thanks for prompt reply.  Gave it a try &. still bogs down at approx 50k files scanned & I cannot quit the program normally.  Even a forced quit takes a while & Mac must be shut down & restarted after for normalcy to resume. Possibly worth noting that for totally unrelated reasons  (after an OS update caused issues) 2 weeks ago I wiped the HD and restored XPlane from my time machine backup.  Everything has worked normally since that time.  The other day I restored Central from time machine because  XPlane warned me I was missing something from No Cal (which is the only TE scenery on the Hard drive & actually in Xplane.  All my other Orbx sceneries work fine.  My Orbx library is on a separate external ssd.  Xplane is on the Mac hd. When I started up Central it found Xplane but couldn't seem to find my library on the external SSD.  However, since I only wanted to update No Cal I simply skipped the request to install a library (why one can't simply point Central to an existing library or why it can't find the existing on an external is beyond me.). I then told Central to install the update, NoCal being in XPlane Custom Scenery, so library location irrelevant.  Some back story.  Sorry to be so long winded but background might help solve things.

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these are some suggestions for you.

Please make sure that Orbx Central is closing and not just minimising.

You should set these two like this:




Then please go to your Orbx Central Temporary folder, you will see its exact location on the Downloader page

and manually delete all the files in there.

Try the job again, it will take some time, so please allow it to run until the end.

Also, can you say what your internet connection speed is please?

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