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active CDT on WSSS after WU4

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Hi, I deleted everything from the community folder except the Landmark and the Airport from Cloudsurf and it works fine.

It should be having a problem with other add ons. 

What do you suggest?

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I removed all of my mods from the community folder and reinstalled each one. I found that 1 mod conflicts with WSSS. It's the SPJC freeware airport add-on. If you also have this mod, I suggest you try removing just that. But chances are there is more than one mod that is conflicting with WSSS right now. But for my case, only this mod out of all my other mods (60GB) is causing the CTD. 

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thank you for doing all that work.

I think the problem is the mymaterials folder that both of them use.

The mymaterials folders need to have a unique name or when there are two,

a crash is caused.


If you want to solve the problem, rename the SPJC mymaterials folder to something

unique, such as MymaterialsSPJC and then edit all references to it in the layout.json file.


I have done the json file for you and attach it.

You just need to rename the folder.


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