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Not able to instal my Orbx products in ms2020

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Help when i am installing my products from central in to flights sim it says installed.

If i look in the content manager of the sim ,i see my products in the content manager and it says uninstalled

This happend after the latest update ,i must say i removed the community folder content before updating

After this no more Orbx prudact installed in MS2020

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Hello Nick,

I've got a much similar problem with MSFS wherein 25 of my Orbx Products purchased from Orbx (not Microsoft), are showing as "COMMUNITY" & "NOT INSTALLED" in the Content Manager...  I've Sync'd via Central & gotten a "Success" message (my MSFS Sceneries are sync'd as per Central) but to no avail in MSFS(same result).....  MSFS is up to date (v1.15.80 as of 17 April 2021)....   Any Ideas?  Does the Content Manager information pertain correctly to Orbx Products purchased directly from Orbx?  Seems as if MS has put an incentive to purchase directly from them (???)...  Kind Regards, Bruce

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although third party developers' products, including those by Orbx, used to appear in the Content Manager

as installed, one could do nothing with them, other than view the list.

Nothing has changed in that respect, except that the Content Manager is showing them as not installed.

If they show as not installed, this means that they are installed, because if they are really not installed,

they do not appear in the list at all.

In short, it's not a problem.

Orbx Central should be used to install the products and if it says that they are, then they are.

In both cases, all the products work just as they did before this latest change by Asobo.

As a matter of interest, on their own forum, they state this:



Add-ons/Sceneries/Liveries installed in the Community folder may appear as “Not installed” in Content Manager.
Workaround: Your community content is installed and usable in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We are currently investigating this issue and it will be fixed in an upcoming patch.




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