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Updates for Orbx airports and scenery installed via MSFS content manager are not installing

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This is an odd one, but any guidance would be appreciated.  MSFS is up to date (v


I have a couple or more Orbx sceneries (KORS and KSBA and London Landmarks) that all show as downloaded but not installed. eg




When I check the MORE INFO status box on the content Installed tab it says eg


KORS Orcas Island

The minimum game version is 1.13.16 


Version released Dec 31, 2020...


At least KSBA is not a flat empty wasteland, but it's just the stock AI generated airport that I can see.


Suggestions welcome!




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I've just noticed that this issue is not limited to Orbx sourced addons. I have the same issue with a Carenado M20R Ovation - which for no obvious reason I can think of has disappeared from the installed list of addons. It is there listed under Not Installed, but despite downloading it all again (and getting a successful download message) just remains Not Installed - with the Download Available amount at (0b).


I have tried re-booting the game, and the PC, and have lots of room left on the SSD.


Any one?

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Hi Doug,


Thank you for answering.


All purchased from MS Marketplace. I HAD originally bought KSBA directly from Orbx Central, but had issues (see long thread about KSBA below). Orbx kindly refunded that purchase, and I then repurchased via the game, and that immediately worked. I was happy, but now have discovered this new challenge!

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Cheers for that link - I feel politely but firmly shown to the door! 


I'll see what help I can get elsewhere, but if I am honest I also feel surprised and a little disappointed that Orbx won't at least try to assist customers who buy Orbx products via the MS platform. 



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it is not a case of not wishing to, it is a case of it is not possible, however much we might want to.

If you were having a problem once the product was installed, then we can very likely help but we

have no control at all over or indeed knowledge of the inner workings of the mechanism of the

in-game Marketplace.

I would imagine that the product would be installed into the OneStore folder, you could check and see if

that is the  case and if any of the files are in fact there.

I am aware that if the folder is left but without its content, then an airport shows as installed in the Content Manager

but it does not appear in the game.




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Cheers Nick,


I know these are blinking complex things!

What is frustrating is that all of these were working fine, then when I looked last week were just not there.

I just found the MSFS forum advice below, in respect of a PA-44 addon aircraft that had similarly disappeared, and I tried the solution for KSBA, KORS, KBCE and 3W5 but sadly it did not resolve the issue. 


I will keep trying and update this thread if I find success,




There are several threads about this, but the fix is simple:

  • go into the Official packages folder (it’s next to the Community folder. If you don’t know where the Community folder is, search the internet for “Microsoft Flight Simulator Community folder” and it will explain how to find this folder depending on where you bought the game from)
  • go to OneStore under that
  • delete the existing carenado-aircraft-pa44-seminole folder
  • check for any .fsarchive or .fspatch files in OneStore that also refer to the pa44 and remove them
  • restart MSFS
  • go to Content Manager and re-download the aircraft
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OK - this is now sorted!


I'm sharing the solution in case anyone else needs it. 


When the clocks recently changed from GMT to BST my PC failed to auto adjust, and I failed to spot that.


What I have learned is that a PC out of synch with the correct time, can download but not install the market produce. This is probably an anti-piracy step so is undocumented.


I needed to reset the time AND reboot the PC before being able to re-download and then install all the missing scenery and aircraft.


As I said an odd one, as there had not been a game update or any other obvious game change.





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