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Should we generally disable default scenery for where we have bought scenery?

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each time there is an Asobo update, the rules change.

At first, Orbx LOWI worked regardless of whether the Asobo version was installed or not.

Then there was a change to MSFS and there was a need to remove the Asobo version.

However, if it was removed in the Content Manager, MSFS silently replaced it.

This was reported and in the next update, a change was made so that this did not happen.

Following the latest update, this behaviour was once again reversed and the Asobo version

is once again silently replaced.

The current situation is that in order to prevent this, the Asobo LOWI files should be deleted but 

the empty folder should be left in place. This prevents the silent replacement of the files.

The Asobo version remains marked as installed but it does not affect the Orbx version.

If you find problems with other duplicated airport versions, I would advise you to do the same.

This does not seem to apply to ordinary Asobo airports, only the enhanced versions.




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