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Jackson Hole Scenery Load Error Message / Poor Frame Rates

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Hi! I have posted two screen shots regarding “Jackson Hole” scenery. I’m getting an error message upon loading and frame rates are quite poor. The attached pics show the error message and my computer’s specs. Any suggestions on how I can resolve these issues would be greatly appreciated! Simulator is latest version of X Plane 11.



Michael Colletti



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I have just installed Jackson Hole so should have exactly the same file download as you both have.

I have no error messages and can run this addon at 50-60fps a s shown in the 2 attached pics.

My PC specs maybe  higher than yours or maybe not.

I use Vulkan and XP11.v53 and my OS is Windows 10 Home.

I also attach a pic of my XP settings.

I am not familiar with Mac OS but at this point in our investigation I don't feel it is relevant.


XP Settings:



Jackson Hole on the ground. 59FPS visible bottom right of pic in Full screen view:



From the air. 49FPS


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Hi! Thanks so much for the reply. Attached are my:

Log.txt and scenery_packs.ini files as requested. I also verified that I have the OrbxLibs library freeware product installed. Just to verify though. This is the product listed as "Orbx         Libraries" when I launch "Orbx Central." Correct?


Thanks Again For Having a Look!

Michael Colletti

Log.txt scenery_packs.ini

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I just looked in the User Manual for KJAC by Axonos and there is a requirement for the SAM library to be installed:

"Product Requirements - Scenery Animation Manager (SAM) base plugin and seasons installed (available free of charge"

Please open the Guide which is enclosed in the KJAC folder and it gives a link to where you can get a free copy of the SAM library

I have also rearranged a few things in your scenery_packs.ini as they were incorrectly layered.


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Thanks so much for all your help! I believe that I have “The Scenery Animation Manager (SAM) installed and running but not sure about seasons. I will also use the modified scenery_packs.ini file that you provided.


Many Thanks, Once Again!

Michael Colletti

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