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Static Aircraft- LOWW Specifically

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Hi Guys,


I recently purchased LOWW from yourselves and although the scenery is top notch, I find myself bewildered at the amount of static aircraft at the gates. There's a static aircraft at almost every other gate and as someone who exclusively flies on Vatsim to get the most realistic experience it's a massive immersion breaker when you can't park at an assigned stand because there is a static aircraft there. 


There are a total of 24 static aircraft dotted about at the gates as well as elsewhere. I feel this is too many without having the option to turn them off.


Now I do understand that for some having the static aircraft increases their immersion in the sim but for myself and many others it's the exact opposite and makes me not want to fly to this airport (which i paid good money for) again. I wouldn't mind the static aircraft so much if they were at remote stands I'm not likely to be asked to park at but here are static aircraft at 12 of the gates/parking at and around the terminal.


So can I please ask that we either be given the option to turn off the static aircraft as is possible with other devs using other launchers or that the amount of static aircraft be reduced to a more reasonable level with none at the terminal it's self.


Apologies for the rant. This isn't me having a go at the developer(s) of this scenery. It's something that's been bugging me about 3rd party scenery for a while and this being the latest scenery I've purchased with an overabundance of static aircraft was the unfortunate victim of my rant.


However, like I say the scenery it's self is very good with lots of great detail and I can't take that away from the devs.

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welcome to the forums.

You paid your good money to Orbx Direct but you used it to buy a product by Gaya Simulations.

I must therefore ask you to apply to them for your solution.



This product has been produced by Gaya Simulations. For Gaya Simulations product support, please to go http://www.gaya-simulations.com





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