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Bought this airport today.. Since I use Ortho for the Entire Europe, I was very happy to see it 

proved a patch for Ortho photos. 


Sadly it does not work at all. Tried the normal approach which have worked for all other airports 

Placed the patch in the patch folder with the correct folder structure. 


Patch is applied in log as normal, but in terms of how it looks, now there is another story. 

It creates a huge hole in the middle of the scenery making it absolutely useless. 

This is with included mesh removed. 


If the mesh is incorporated, it removes all the mesh which I think the patch should fix. 

Sadly it does not do that. 


Airport apron




Nearby rivers 



Nearby lake 




Ortho works.. 


Any idea on how this can be fixed as it is truly a very nice airport, without ortho, the scenery is pretty much useless to me, which I truly hope 

can be fixed so I can continue to use my product. 


Cheers guys



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Hi and thanks. 


To be frank, not entierly sure what the heck I did just now, but for some reason it workes.



1. Redid the ortho with patch.. Copied to disk and made a new short cut

2.Added 1302 flatten 0 to the airports apt.dat file




Voila it works, just not sure if solution 1 or 2 fixed the issue. 


On a side note: Airport is however completely flat, but according to the patch the average height is about 31 feet, so that would make sense. 




But in all due respect, it works now and I do think it looks as it should?







Anyway, huge thanks if the 1302 flatten 0 in the included earth nav folder was the reason.. 







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Looks good.

Flatten can be tricky sometimes as developers whether in a rush, or not get too liberal with the airport boundry.

I think you should get the same result if you just deleted "1302 flatten 1" in the apt.dat file completely instead of substituting a "0" for "1".

Anyway, it's working for you.

Happy Flying.

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Think you might misunderstood or I didn't explain it good.

1302 flatten 1 is what defaults to X-Plane's apt-dat in terms of those airports that comes out of scenery gateways where the users 

have flatten their airport. This might have to do with fitting buildings etc to the ground where elevation might mess things up. 

Normally when we create 3D buildings we add an extra cellar to the object, to combat the elevation, or as you say, create a targeted patch. 

Now, with the 1302 flatten 1 you want to repace this with nothing, use the function in i.e. Notepad. That removes all the 1302 flatten 1 lines 

in default apt.dat, thereby removing all those airports that have been flatten in WED (ticked)


Those tend to mess up ortho also, and often not made for them. 


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It is my understanding that when creating an airport in WED you have the option to flatten by ticking the "Always Flatten" box or leave it "x" ed to follow contours.

If the "Always Flatten" is ticked then the line "1302 flatten 1" is inserted into the apt.dat file for that created airport only. If it is not ticked the "1302 flatten 1" line is not inserted into that airport's apt.dat file. It should not affect any other default airport that have not, or have been flattened by WED, but then again that is my understanding and experience and of course I could be wrong as well.


Also the line "1302 flatten 0" should have had no effect, but the line "1302 flatten" or deleting the line "1302 flatten 1" would have that airport following mesh contours.


What I meant about "being too liberal" with airport boundaries is that if they are extended to far out than necessary it will then have the affected default objects suspended in mid air, or possibly excluded when the airport is flattened.


The following examples are of "38WA - Blakey Island" imported from XP's Scenery Gateway and modified for my own use with the line "1302 flatten 1" inserted in the apt.dat file the other with the line "1302 flatten 1" deleted from the apt.dat file.




X-Plane 2021-03-24 12-35-37.jpg

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Exactly mate.. Think we are agreeing on the very same thing, without understanding that we both are pointing out the same thing. 

So in that respect, my addidion of 1302 flatten 0 have no function at all. As I said, I was not sure if that fixed it or if it was the new render 

that did the trick, I opt for that latter :)


Love the discussion though and thanks for the assist, most helpful :)

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