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Supplies for Africa


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In these times global logistics are much more important than passenger travel. Today we load medical supplies at Singers...


... take off in the "wrong" direction...


... but turn back westwards soon to see the CBD in the background.


Pekanbaru / Sumatra is the last Asian city we cross...


... before we see Praslin / Seychelles.


And finally the Kenya coast...


... on our way towards the Kilimanjaro...


... and Jomo Kenyatta airport of Nairobi.


"Hurry Harry, to bring that stuff back into cold storage!"


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5 hours ago, adambar said:

Grand set of shots Gerold. :)

Thank you Adam!


6 hours ago, TerribleT said:

Terrific change of pace and direction!

... and of mindset as well, TT. A totally different flight than all the outback trips of the days before!


7 hours ago, lifejogger said:

P3dv4 is looking pretty good Gerold!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you John! I am currently not willing to start a significant sim change with all that tweaking and fiddling, so I did even skip the move to p3dv5. Well, that was also in the light of MSFS coming up, and one day that one might be the complete way to go. One day... but for me not today.


12 hours ago, flyingleaf said:

Great shots and trip Gerold. I hope you're bringing lotsa beers and brat's:P:D

That is the perfect idea of urgent supplies we should distribute over the planet, Karl. Not to forget the Kraut!

PS: Sure you know, Sauerkraut was a very healthy supply for the sailors some centuries ago, because of its vitamin C content: it acts as a precaution against scurvy / Skorbut.

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6 hours ago, boetie said:

A great humanitarian trip mate. The Africans will be appreciating your "shots".


Graeme :)

Thank you Graeme. I don´t know what was in the containers, but there is a good probability for high-value liquids, be it beer or vaccines.


46 minutes ago, mikee said:

Beautiful shots Graeme :)

Thank you Mikee! I see you are a bit confused with all these posts waiting to be commented :D.


26 minutes ago, wain71 said:

nice shots Gerold, great flight...

Thank you for the comment Wayne!

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