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resolved YMML v3 Taxiway/Runway Light Bloom

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I have YMML v3 (Build 3.2.2)


I wanted to report or question why the approach lights, runway lights and and even the taxilights are so big?! And to the point that its borderline overkill.


I find that when you actually get close to each row of lights they do downsize but its the distant bloom that robs you of the immersion.


I searched this subject, found a DDS file which was a replacement SFX 01 upload but this did nothing to improve the look.


2 images added to show what i see at night.









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Dear Nick,

I have the same problem with several Orbx airports including LDDU, EFHK, ESSA, ESGG etc. I hope you have a solution for me too. I posted about this issue on the forum on March 17th.




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