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MSFS2020 crash before installation

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I downloaded MSFS2020 yesterday, I downloaded 1.43 GB and when i tried to start game for next downloading (other 150 GB), game still crash on loading screen.

I already tried some tips from forums, but nothing works.


Thank you in advance for the advice

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Welcome to Orbx forums.

The installation of MSFS is an issue for the MSFS zendesk or forum to advise you on as it is not an Orbx issue.

I suggest you post your problem on their website/forums and give details of which version you are trying to install as there are several versions of MSFS ranging from Steam, X Box gameplay, Basic, Premium de luxe etc. which drive you want to install onto, free space on that drive, operating system ie. Windows or Mac.

Their forums website is linked below:


After a hopeful successful installation of MSFS then please return to this forum if you are experiencing any problems installing or running any MSFS addons made by Orbx developers.:)


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