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Lowi not loading and LOWI helipads

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Had to remove the default ASOBO version of LOWI today in order to load the Orbx version properly.

Did not have this issue earlier (??) so when other users are confronted with the same issue....try this.


With the new fantastic mod off the H 135 eurocopter helipads became important.


Found the helipad directy behind the airport (off course   :D) but I remember in FSX (or x Plane?) it was possible to choose the heliports in the menu as "departing airport".

The MSFS menu do not recognise the "ICAO-s" used then.


How to start a flight at the helipads included in LOWI (MSFS)?


edit: see that there are more or less helipads in Lowi add on, depending on the simulator.


Is it correct that in msfs there are (only) 2?


in MSFS LOIU I was not able to land (not due to my flying capacities  ;)    ) but I "sank trough the platform / helipad.

Is that a bug?



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