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Area-Specific openLC Coverage Maps?

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I believe similar queries have been raised in the past in one form or another - and indeed marked as Answered - but I still can't find a satisfactory response as past answers appear to have failed to understand the original question and simply pointed to the existing openLC documentation. Thus I am raising this again because this recently became an issue for me; for what it's worth, I am flying FSX: Steam Edition.


As I understand it, the Orbx openLC product range currently includes Europe, North America, South America, and Africa (with Asia apparently on the way). I have all four openLC products installed, and in my scenery.cfg file the following associated scenery Areas (ignoring _LIGHTS, _MESH, etc.) are listed:



In the PDF documentation for openLC EUROPE, there are several separate maps indicating the geographic coverage of each of the individual Areas; thus _EUROPE5 covers Turkey + Turkish Cyprus, _EUROPE10 covers UK + Ireland, etc. The only combined map shows that _EUROPE8 and _EUROPE9 together cover Iceland, but without indicating the boundary between them.


In the documentation for openLC North America, however, whilst there is indeed a map showing the coverage of the product as an overall region, there are no Area-specific maps indicating what is covered by the Area _NAMERICA1 and what is covered by the Area _NAMERICA2. If I was flying around a relatively small part of what is covered by the whole product - Alaska, say - then presumably I don't need to have both Areas active, but there is no map to tell me whether _NAMERICA1 or _NAMERICA2 is the scenery Area that covers Alaska.


Similarly, the documentation for openLC South America also contains a map showing the coverage of the product as an overall region, but no indication of what specifically is covered by the Area _SAMERICA1 and what is covered by the Area _SAMERICA2.


Ditto, the documentation for openLC Africa also contains a map showing the overall regional coverage but without distinguishing the coverage of Area _AFRICA1 from the coverage of Area _AFRICA2.


My query, therefore, is simply to ask whether Orbx can make available Area-specific maps showing the coverage limits of openLC Areas _EUROPE8, _EUROPE9, _NAMERICA1, _NAMERICA2, _SAMERICA1, _SAMERICA2, _AFRICA1, and _AFRICA2 in the same way that it already has for openLC Areas _EUROPE1 to _EUROPE7 and _EUROPE10. If so, hopefully such maps could then be included in updated documentation, and the forthcoming openLC Asia will also have Area-specific coverage maps in its documentation as well as (or instead of) overall regional coverage maps.




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