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LOWG - Graz - Runway change (Airac Amdt 243) will be reflected in the MSFS scenario?

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Hello all!


I was looking at the Orbx products on the MSFS Store in Austria and Italy (were I fly mostly) and going to buy all Austrian airports (as are all available and looks so super).

I have only one concerne right now looking at the GRAZ product screenshots and description.


Is this scenario going to be promply updated in the near future to have the runways re-numbered as planned by Airac amdt 243 (in force from April)? Runways changed to 16C/34C due to Mag Var change/recomputation occured recently.


Thanks for providing feedback on this.



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I own many Orbx airports (MSFS2020) and am very satisfied with the products. 

Only with the Airport Graz LOWG do I currently have a problem.

Despite using Navigraph AIRAC CYCLE 2103 I cannot select SID's or STAR's as well as RWY's for this airport in the world map of MSFS2020. 

Will this problem be fixed soon?


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I have a similar problem, not know if related but for example in TBM930 can't make a flight plan with LOWG or call STAR's or SID's the airport doesn't exist for the nav computer and is not aircraft related. I can't make a IFR flight to Graz.

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