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answered Where is this London Landmarks update

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Whilst I appreciate that this is not Orbx's fault, I will in future purchase all Orbx products via Orbx Central and cut out the Market Place entirely. Because of my decision to buy this particular product via the Market Place, I am denied the full use of a product that I have paid for. That this same product is still available in the Market Place without any hint of a warning that the product version available on the Market Place will conflict with some of the London landmarks in the latest iteration of the base simulation is unfortunate. Perhaps Orbx might suggest to Asobo that a little more coordination between themselves and third party developers who offer their products for sale via the market place might be beneficial to both parties?

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We have no control over the Marketplace, if you have a problem with it, you must take it up with them.

It is the customer's choice to buy from the Marketplace and the customer must accept the conditions that go with that.


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