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announcement EGSG Stapleford Airfield coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Coming this weekend - EGSG Stapleford Airfield for Microsoft Flight Simulator!




Located in the Epping Forest district of Essex is Stapleford Airfield which began in the 1930's as Essex Aerodrome and was used by the RAF during the Second World War.  Today the airport is home to a family run flight training business with other operators offering charter services and sightseeing flights to London.


Originally developed for the ESP platform by the legendary Russ White, this was one of Orbx's first UK airfields. We have rejuvenated this charming airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing it into line with modern standards required by the sim. 


The airport has been recreated from on-site photography and is complete with PBR textures and updated to reflect the current runway layout. You will enjoy the bespoke detailing that comes with all the buildings on the airport, thanks to the exclusive airside photos, and the weather influenced groundpoly. 






  • Faithfully recreated depiction of EGSG Stapleford Airfield crafted from on-site photos 
  • Fully custom modelled airport with weathered textures
  • PBR airport buildings with meticulous attention to detail
  • Carefully hand-placed clutter to brings the airport to life
  • True to life ground textures and markings
  • Perfectly located for short flights in the south-east of England


Enjoy these screenshots of the soon to release EGSG!



















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Just now, Ron Attwood said:

I was informed the other day that Americans don't understand 'Bespoke'


Just saying. :D


I was about to object to your comment, Ron... then I realized I also don't understand bespoke.  evidently it means ' custom-made '.... so how 'about that?  learned me some proper English today, didn't I?

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Interesting choice.

2 runways, according to my data, 1,941' & 2,305' in length.

Won't be taking a 747 in here!

But the initial screen shots indicate a high degree of 'character'  & it oozes GA suitability.

& arriving this weekend!

I was rather hoping Stapleford was the English translation of the Swedish word, 'Bromma'. (Derived via Viking inhabitation awhile ago)

But, alas, it appears not to be.

So, if Stapleford has bespoke detailing then when we are finally blessed with Bromma I am anticipating triple bespoke detailing!:)


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So pleased this is one of the first small English airports to be released. Loved it in XP11. Flew into the default version this past Friday and taxied over that row of special Bing Cessnas flattened onto the grass in the parking area. Looks like this Friday will be better....And now I hope the flood gates for these Orbx English airfields will open.

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