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answered Tasmania Demo

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Hey guys,


I am wondering if the Tasmania demo has ever been updated.


As I have downloaded the demo and started a scenic flight, is this Australia V2 what I am seeing or is it the "old" Australia scenery ?


thanks for clarifiying



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1 hour ago, Nick Cooper said:


as far as I am aware, the demo has not been updated

Thank you Nick. That is what I've assumed.


Still a decent scenery demo, even if thats the old one. I like it.


I guess that many users tried the demo(s) in the past before buying content. It is nice to have. I also downloaded the PNW demo before I bought it.


A while ago I asked for a True Earth demo for P3D and it doesn't look like that we get one soon.

Always a guess in the dark if a scenery prerforms well if there is no demo available.

Would be great if you could discuss it internally to update the demo part of your content. Even for us P3D users.

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