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resolved Default buildings, ground morphing when moving and default roof textures

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Good evening,


I am having problems with all my Orbx airports in P3D V5.1 HF1, I am seeing the following errors:


- Ground morphing when approaching the airport.

- Textures overlaying (for example, double runway centerline and numbers)

- Weird and repeating default roof textures in most buildings.

- Default buidlings over other buildings

- Double PAPI lights


Not all of these happen in all airports, some just have the roof problem, others have all of them, please see the attached screenshots of various examples (although I am not including a screenshot for eachone, I can see it happeing in all my Orbx airports).


LOWI - Displaced PAPI lights, default buildings over terminal and default roof textures






ESSA - Default buildings and default roof textures




Kiruna - Double runway textures and default buildings+ roof textures




KBUR - Everything




I have tried deleting p3d CFG, installing/uninstalling, veryfing files, installing on sim instead of library, deactivating files with the same ICAO, I have now run out of ideas and could really use some help. 


These are the sceneries that I have installed:





I do not see the issues in Partners airports.


Thank you in advance for your help!

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I am pleased to informed that I have solved most of the issues, I believe I did it by running a verify of  the Libraries. 


Some other issues persist but these are small and I will open a different topic for them.


Thank you

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