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Billing Problem MSFS2020

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I am not sure others have the same issue. I purchased from Orbx in the past, and found the company to be very good in communicating and executing purchases. In this case, I purchased a scenery pack for Singapore (around $14USD)- and did not realize I had already owned it had a community upgrade. I asked for a refund and it was denied by Orbx. The answer I received was unintelligible and I never heard back from Orbx when I questioned why. Maybe I am not getting it? I am not sure who to contact at Orbx, and of course can just cancel the charge myself through Paypal or my credit card company. Maybe their agent was having a bad day- but this behavior is not what one would expect.  Any suggestions- other than just cancel them out myself? 








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Thank you Nick. My ticket number is 21664. This episode is really not worth our further time.  As shown in my previous attachments I had 2 Changi  Airports listed in FS2020. I thought I had purchased one from you all- but due toi the fact I already had on e installed (community version)- whichever one I purchased or didn't- was not installed, Kind of confusing.

Anyway- let's just leave it be. Thank you for further checking. Today I saw the Changi Airport program updated- via Orbx. So I did download it and should pay for it. WHy I received the other nore (Not downloaded) will remain a mystery.


Thank you.




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