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MSFS unstable

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I was flying and suddenly there was a message that I lost the connection...(though the internet was and is on)


Quit the game for a while


Just launched it again and got this message




If I click on try again it does nothing and of course I won't fly offline


I tried again and it worked, then closed it as I wanted to add a new livery and then this




My internet seems to be fine in every try




Is anybody else suffering this issue?

These kind of things make me boil in anger





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X-Box Live service has gone offline at around 20:15 UTC. No one that uses the service in any form, like people who actually have an X-Box can play anything worldwide at the moment.



And don't let the message: "We are close to resolving the issue" fool you. That has been there for 90 minutes already.

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Thank you so much KV

May I ask a question?

This X box is any sort of console or so?

I don't have anything like that, that is why I was frustated

I bought the game online in Microsoft store and have always played it by clicking on the icon so I am not really aware of this x-box thing, I know it appears at the start of the game but that's it for me

Thanks for the link I'll check it




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