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The last MSFS update seems to have cured the terrain spikes issue.


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  • Fixed various crashes across the title
  • Fixed a specific crash while using Little Navmap in Bush trip activities


  • Several terrain spikes have been fixed, including incorrect cases of water elevation issues.
  • Water masks have been updated across various locations in the world
  • Reduced the frequency of water artifacts appearing on cliffs
  • Noise issue affecting clouds has been fixed. 
  • .......... etc,etc,etc.
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13 minutes ago, bvdboomen said:

There has been reported spikes now and then but maybe they are needles in a haystack since the update.

Let's hope so.


I actually had seen quie a few areas with these anomalies in the Appalachians with the initial release of MSFS long before the infamous update, which added them all over the world. I have not checked the Appalachians after the last update, but let's hope the spikes there have disappeared too.

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