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Compatibility MSFS and London City

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Novice question but I have London City pack and London City Airport installed. Should I remove them both and if so, how.

I will then install the update 3.

Will you know that I have already purchased these two items before installing the new releases?

The Orbx installations were purchased via Orbx Central.


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I am not sure you need to  uninstall EGLC airport, but yes to uninstalling London City. You should use Orbx Central to uninstall London City.

Open Orbx Central and under My Products you will see London City Pack. On the right of the screen you have the notice that is installed and also the option to Uninstall it.

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when you buy a licence for an Orbx product, that licence is stored at Orbx Direct.

You can access the product whenever you wish and install it as many times as you wish.

The only thing you can't do is to install it on more than one PC per licence.

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