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EGLC is making the sim crash

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I bought EGLC scenary through the game's marketplace sometime ago. The game and scenary were working OK. Now if I create a flight starting from EGLC the sim will crash. If I try to start on another location (default EGLL, for example) and fly to EGLC the sim will crash when the plane is on final.

Let me know if you need any data from my side in order to troubleshoot the issue.

Thanks in advance.


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Here the same...

Let's wait till Tuesday with the UK & Ireland update, to see what happens.

EDIT: Renaming ...\LocalCache\Packages\Official\OneStore\Orbx-airport-eglc-london-city\CGL\120\sai202.cgl to sai202.off works for me, as read in MSFS forum. Default textures for the ground but at least, it does not crash.

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