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Milviz King Air 350i -Outdated version


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Hello there,

I own the Milviz King Airn 350i purchased through Orbx, but 2 months after their latest update, the version published on Orbx central is still outdated.

Current version is 1.2 but the one distributed on central is 1.1.

Could this be looked at?

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Hello Nick

Thanks for your very quick answer.
First of all, I don't see the version displayed directly in central like your see it, pretty weird:




So I've checked the files and found the text file that shows the version number, it says the installed version is 200524 which is 1.1. 

v1.2 should be 201109.


About trying to verify the files, I did it already yesterday and it didn't change anything, so I've uninstalled it and manually checked everything was correctly removed and did the install again, and I still have the same version.


May be it's just the wrong version in the text file but it's hard to tell.

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