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Need help downloading True Earth please

Dan Macasaddu

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Hello, I hope you can hep please.


My PC suffered a catastrophic hard disk failure last year during summer 2020.  I have not been  able to use Xplane 11 or my Orbx product since.


I have now put together a new pc that i was able to afford after saving up in the last few months and have loaded XPlane 11 successfully once more, however when I download my products from my Orbx Central account, nothing happens.


I would very much like to get both software running again so I can enjoy the products at it was meant to be.


My ref numbers are as follows :-

- True Earth Great Britain South XPlane 11  ref 5e99866baXXX9 (i have deliberately hidden 3 characters for safety reasons)  

- True Earth US Southern California HD ref 5ec61e228XXX9  (i have deliberately hidden 3 characters for safety reasons)


Thank very much in advance and I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


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29 minutes ago, Jon Clarke said:

I have answered your query here.

You have not answered my question though regarding whether you have installed Orbx Central. You only replied giving your PC specs.


Hi John,

Apologies, I had a reminder not to post within Bug fix, so I had to move my request for help into this category.

So yes I have Orbx loaded and all the Windows criteria as I did a full fresh install of Windows 10 Home 64bit plus i installed all the Windows updates.

I also checked each of the items you asked about and tried re loading them and Windows came back with confirmation they were already loaded.

I re started my new pc and still both True Earth GB and Southern California are not downloading, however i do not get any error messages

I can click on the download button but nothing happens after that.

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Thanks or the reply.

Are you doing the following?

Open Orbx Central and Log in.

Click on the My Products heading.

It should then list what is recognised as the products you have purchased.

In your case it should show TEGB South /Central & North if you bought all 3  plus TE Southern California. Is Orbx Central showing those addons like I am exampling in my pic below?

The pic shows My Products owned, and the Green tick shows as installed. Where there is no green tick it means not installed.

I would then click on the not installed item and it would then ask me if and where I want to install it when I click on the Install option.

Sorry if you already know all this but I have to go through all the possible scenarios when dealing with an issue like this from a remote location.



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