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Central will not maximise

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This last weekend I did a complete reinstall of widows 10 so my system is reasonably clean.


My problem is that Central will not maximise on my screen. When I open the programm it visually loads with the flash screen and

and then immediately minimises to a taskbar icon, which will not maximise.

What I have done so far.

Unistalled central (twice) with Revo unistaller and cleaned most registry entries.

Cleaned all entries from Appdata.

Reinstalled (twice) but still have the same problem.


I then repeated the above and tried to load & open in safemode, but to no avail.

Have tried all the windows tips, such as using ctrl/shift and hovering the mouse etc etc.

I just cannot get into Central.

my specs

win 10 build 10.0.18363

Intel i7-9700 3ghz 8 core cpu

Gigabyte Gaming z390 mother board

32 gig ram

Radeon RX580 8 gig graphics card

I hope someone can spread some light on this problem.




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Hi Nick

many thanks for the prompt reply.

I have tried all the methods regarding right mouse click already. If I right click the icon i get the following:

Orbx Central

Unpin from the task bar

close windows central


If I then right click Orbx Central i get:



run as administrator (which I do) & have tried with admin disabled

pin to start

pin to taskbar.

If I click open I get a split second flash and then nothing


Strange thing is it was working yesterday




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the icon in my image is in the taskbar, at the bottom right hand side of your screen.

You appear to be clicking on a desktop shortcut.

You would need to select Close Window, which then minimises Orbx Central to the taskbar

and leaves the icon that I illustrated.

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