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I need help.

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Okay so what I’m getting is like a half a circle of something in the sky, like a load of lights. I think it must be some setting that I’ve done, but what it is I haven’t a clue. It’s there all the time and when I’m flying that’s when I get the shimmering effect. Plus this happens at the moment when I set clear sky’s. Thanks Derek.

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Hi Derek


Sure thing. Nvidia offers the possibility of taking screen shots by pressing cntrl+F1

You can also press the screen shot button/key in your keyword


With either method you need to go to the folder where the shot was saved

In Nvidia you will find where it is in the settings

With the screen shot option I think it will ask you where you want to store it. I would recommend the desktop for easier access


Then you upload that shot through imgur:




Once the picture is uploaded you right click on it and go to "copy image location" and then paste that link here in the text and the picture will be displayed






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I think I know what he means.


But this is happening also without Orbx software installed and I'm not aware of a fix.


You can go to LOWI standard non-Orbx version in nighttime and if you look around you will find rows of lights going up into the sky.


Seems like some elevation issue that only affects lights.


Will make a pic next time I'm in sim.


But I doubt Orbx can change that in any way. Maybe in their airports but not for the whole sim. Maybe it can be excluded with a exclusion rectangle, not sure.


The area around the Alps seem more affected by this problems, compared to other regions.


Maybe i misunderstood though, can be of course.


Ways to post pics were given already, though I want to ne the most easy of them too. This only works on single monitor setups though.


Press the print key on your keyboard. That brings the image into RAM.


Then here in the topic you simply press Ctrl + V and it will paste right into the topic as a pic. No in-between steps required.

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Hi guys. Sorry I couldn’t get a copy of the Sky . I took a screenshot but got mixed up over trying to get a copy into Imgur. Plus no it was not LOWI , think it was somewhere in America. Also I got rid of it by using a bit of Cloud and not clear sky’s so all ok now. At the moment I’m playing with a Logitech Multi panel. It’s very good, when I get use to it. Thanks Derek. 

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15 hours ago, stiletto2 said:

Lights in the nightime sky at LOWI is a part of a known MSFS problem.  They are working on it.




12 hours ago, Senchay said:



if you mean something like this (just in another area), its not something that Orbx causes. Like stiletto said, its probably gonna be fixed in the future.


I don't think Derek is referring to this, because he says it is a half circle and it will only appear when thea sky is clear, which both is not valid for the lights seen e. g. in the LOWI area

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From some angles it can look like an half circle of lights reaching up into the sky.


I just came near to make it visible better.


At lowk or at the apron at LOWI it's basically really halve a circle of lights going up. So I thought it's that.


But who knows, maybe it's something else, sure. :-)

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Those lights sre just a duplicate of the street lights below. So yes, if the street below is going in a half circle, also the lights above will. 

Just move yourself to one of these mysterious lights using drone mode and you will see that vertically below there is a street light. This is for all of these lights.

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I know that :-). But the OP didn't know what the problem is and from the description "half a circle of lights going up in the sky" it sounded exactly like what one is seeing from mentioned areas.


Maybe it isn't the case, we will know only if he posts back a screenshot.


If it's another problem, even better, maybe we can help him fixing it then. Because I think choosing a certain weather should not be a solution if there is another way. Live weather is imo too worthy for it not being used.


Needs pics, otherwise we will run in circles.

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