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Query on Balearic Is. & Canary Is. Scenery Packages


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I wonder if you can help me with an X-Plane 11 scenery query ... Whilst Orbx had a sale on recently, I decided to purchase their Balearic Is. (on offer) + their Canary Is. (full price) sceneries for X-Plane. Can I ask you to kindly look through the settings that xOrganizer  has allocated to these 2 new scenery sets (see below) & let me know if anything is wrong? If you do spot any errors, please advise where each incorrect item should be moved to. I have also attached my current scenery_packs.ini file. Thanks in advance.

xOrganizer Settings (Europe).jpg


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Thanks for your speedy response. To enable me to comply with your order of items via the use of xOrganizer, can you please now answer the following queries? ...


1) Should I move "Orbx TE EU Balearic" + "Orbx TE EU Canaries" data from "Orthophotos" group up into "Orbx regional scenery" group?

2) Should I move all X-Plane Landmarks items from "Cities X-Plane" group down into "Non-Airport Scenery Global" group?
   (If so, does this also apply to the X-Plane Landmarks - London" item which you left where it was)?

3) Can you please confirm where the "Axams Church" item should be located correctly to comply with the order of items you advised?

4) I currently have "Orbx_2B2_roads" located in "Airport Road Overlays" in the "Roads And Overlays" folder? Is this okay?


I am attaching a further sectional screenshot of my current xOrganizer settings for your info


Thanks again



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I am afraid I am not able to answer you regarding your use of X-Organiser as I do not use it.

I have shown you by adjusting the scenry_packs.ini where the Orbx addons should go.

There is a logic that goes from top down

1. 3rd party airports

2.Global Airports

3.Orbx True Earth scenery addons

4. Landmarks except London which should be first below Global Airports if you have TEGB South

5. Additional 3rd party addons (non airports) like X-Europe etc

6. Libraries

7. Ortho4xp Overlay files if you have ortho4xp

8.Ortho4xp Orthos files

9. Libraries

10. 3rd party mesh files

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