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Ctd at or above LYNI

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Hey guys, just bought LYNI but everytime I want to load this airport my game ctd. Other Orbx sceneries like lows, lgko, etc. Working just fine. 


Which msfs version was used: latest

Which airplane was used: Fbw A320, default c172

Did you use other scenery in that area: No

Hardware in use: TCA officer pack 


Also to mention is, I flew from lgko to lows and as soon as I reached the area where LYNI is settled my game crashed as well, even though I was at Fl350. 

Thanks for helping! 



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I can load at this airport without a problem.

I wonder if there could be a conflicting product.

You can try this out by renaming your Community folder to 

CommunityX and then creating a new Community folder.

Just put LYNI into it and see if you still have the problem.

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