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True Earth Canaries - White Sea Tile


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I am having an issue with the Canaries scenery where some parts of the sea are white.


Any ideas on what could be happening?


System Specs

CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz


GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050TI

HDD: 2x SanDisk 1TB SSD (1x OS, 1x Dedicated to XP11)






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I have adjusted the scenery_pack.ini but it will not make any change to what you are seeing as it was are-layering adjustment.

In order ro see if there is an installation/missing files issue with TE Canaries, I need you to try the following please.

Rename your Custom Scenery folder to Custom Scenery.BAK

Make a new Custom Scenery folder.

Drag and drop the 4 TE Canaries files into the new folder plus  GCLA, Global Airports and OrbxLibs.

Run XP and exit so that it creates a scenery_packs.ini.

Open the scenery_packs.ini and make sure that it is layered as top down:


TE Canaries Airports

Global Airports

TE Canaries Custom

TE Canaries Overlay

TE Canaries Orthos



 Looking at your PC specs you are on the limit for XP with detailed photoscenery.

Choose a default prop plane like the Cessna and make a flight at the location where you are seeing the white sea etc.

Having minimal scenery lus a low and slow plane should help find out if it is the GPU/CPU not being  unable to keep up or you have an issue with the addon missing some tiles.

Please attach your XP log when you have made a flight


Don't put the attached scenery_packs.ini into the new Custom Scenery folder.



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I flew out towards KONBA which is in the direction I flew in on the day I noticed the white sea. You can see from the screenshot the planes position as I quit the sim.


On this occassion, there was no issues... no white sea and everything looked normal.


Flying a Cessna is really slow compared to the airliners... I could only stand about an hour or so


I have attached my log.

Screenshot 2021-01-31 083001.png


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The Log looks fine. I notice that you still use  XP11.41 and not 11.50/51 which has Vulkan as an option and helps with FPS and higher settings. I think we can now discount any problem with the addon so it looks like it is down to your GPU/CPU specs being the limiting factor as I suspected. The only way to try and alleviate that would be to reduce the XP settings further. I would initially lower the reflections settings another slide to the left as Reflections is a heavy resource user.

As there is no fault with the addon, I cannot offer any further assistance I am afraid. 

Scenery and airport addons are becoming much more detailed and using things like PBR etc which are more demanding on one's resources. The only choice is upgrade your GPU/CPU or lower settings.

Have you tried a default airliner? It may help, but it really is down to the speed of the plane restricting the load time of the scenery below. It just cannot keep up, hence I asked you to try the prop plane which goes so much slower and allows your current hardware to keep up with demand.

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