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LOWI terrain and duplicated objects issue

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Hello everyone!

I'm new on this forum, I'm Andrea, from Italy and I'm having problems with LOWI.


First of all, the problem started only after sim reinstallation (my mistake on windows store). After the main content installation I performed the download of other asobo contents (excluding LOWI) and then installed Orbx products from Orbx central.


I have now the following problems:

1) Scenario cars, airplanes, buses are partially below the ground level (AI, multiplayer and user planes are ok)

2) Tower is duplicated (Same tower but with few meters of misalignment)

3) objects are placed one over the others

4) The runway performs a quite high step with the nearby terrain, this affect also end of RWY 26 - taxiway A.



I already tried to uninstall and reinstall the scenario, but no luck.


Any idea?


Thanks in advance!

Andrea Daviero

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