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Installation Erros


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Hi all, I'm new to Orbx and only just brought the TE GB south, yesterday. However, when installing from Orbx Central, I keep getting installation errors: 10 files failed to extract...

I've tried to hours, to fix, but nothing seems to apprehend the situation. Tried re starting the computer, then trying, and even not installing it onto the main X plane Library. 

Any help would be much appreciated, as I really have no clue what to do...



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Welcome and sorry about your issues.

Please advise if you have read the attached link and paid particular attention to the parts concerning the Free space requirements on the disk you download onto that contains your temp folder. How to move that folder if required.

Enabling or Disabling Backups which by default will house themselves on your C drive.

make sure you meet ALL the requirements.

I will link a couple here for you to reread and action as necessary.

Also check that you have the necessary options set in Orbx Central Settings/downloader.

I refer specifically to the location of the Temp folder.

Whether you want backups and the folder and location of those backups to be.

Check under Concurrency that you have the right disk drive tagged

Check that you may want to reduce the Conversions settings to suit your Hardware. If you click on that you get the choice of High/Moderate/Low.




If all done and you still get error of installation errors then we will forward the Central Log for investigation. However i would like to use that as a last resort

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