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I am running P3Dv 5.1 hotfix one and everything was fine until today when I was approaching LV and I noticed no more Lake Mead showing up! I tried everything, sync sim, verify files, moved stuff around in the scenery index, nothing. I am wondering if this has anything to do with Black Marble? I need to insert my Orbx stuff below my last add on scenery or it doesn't show up correctly, especially Flytampa Las Vegas.


Any ideas on how to bring back the lake please? This is is bizarre, I haven't changed anything in my sim..




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no luck.... its something within Orbx, i just cannot figure out what. as soon as I uninstall Orbx open LC NA and SoCal lake mead appears again.. i verified all files and re-downloaded multiple times as well.  the strange part is, everything else in the scenery is fine around the whole country, just lake mead is not appearing, I mean I live in Las Vegas and I know that the lake water level is dropping quickly, but not that quick! LOL

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I have tried this with SCA and openLC and even with them deliberately misplaced in the scenery library.

I cannot make Lake Mead disappear.

Water is placed by Vector data and I wonder if the problem could be related to your other payware addon.

I am not using Orbx Vector in these shots, you haven't mentioned it.

You can click on all the images to enlarge them if you need to.


Aircraft position:



SCA correctly configured





SCA incorrectly configured with open LC above it in the scenery library:



By the way, you don't need to uninstall to make tests, just untick the entries in the scenery library or in the add-ons list, as appropriate.



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