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A two hour flight from Queensland to Ryan's Creek NZ with 3 touch and go's thrown in!  This is a flight that was an MP flight on Sunday over at DC3 Airways, but since I didn't get to make the flight live I flew it Sunday night for fun!

P3D 4.5, Active Sky, All Orbx and Chase Plane!


Setting at Gate 3 NZQN getting a coffee before leaving for NZRC (Ryan's Creek)!



Holding short Rwy 23!



1st Touch and Go at NZWF (Wanaka)!



Touch and Go complete NZWF!



Follow the river for a T & G at Roxburgh!



2nd T & G at Roxburgh's grass strip!  Always fun and easy to find a grass strip!



Passing over Cattle Flats (and not a cow in sight!)



Climbing left turnout after 3rd T & G at NZMO Te Anau - Manapouri airport!  Getting lots of practice at landings and takeoffs doing these T&G's!



Destination landing NZRC 118 minutes later!  This airport is hidden in the trees! 



Thanks for looking! 

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6 hours ago, gumbypickett said:

Very nice shots Roger.

I would love to see the tug push back the DC3 in 

your first shot.:)



Thanks Gumby, appreciate the comments! :)

I just grabbed a couple of the folks hanging around admiring the plane to help get her turned around, easy peasy! :rolleyes:

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15 hours ago, TerribleT said:

Marvelous stuff mate and such a workload doing all those T&Gs in the Dak - congrats!

Thank you Sir for the comments!  Yes, a decent workload doing several T&G’s during a flight, but fun and educational also! :)

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