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Download incredibly slow - unusable

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Hi team,


First time Orbx user - so far not impressed. I've purchased "Cityscape Sydney" and am trying to download it - for the past day is has gone no faster than 120kB /s. 
Interestingly, as a 7.5GB package, the first 1GB downloads quickly (5MB /s), but the "main file", a 6.56GB file, will not download faster than 100kB / s, if I'm lucky. 

a) Yes, I have restarted Orbx central. 

b) Yes, I have restarted the download - several times now.
c) Yes, I have restarted my computer

d) Yes, I have restarted my router

e) Yes, I have replaced my router, just in case
f) Yes, every other download works absolutely fine - Speedtest.net shows 98 mbit/s out of 100 mbit/s line speed

Please help? My research shows this is a common problem that many other users have reported, however Orbx commonly says it is due to "high server load" - which I am calling BS on. 
At the moment it will take a week to download... if it doesn't time out before that. 



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Almost every one of these slow download issues can be attributed to internet pathway problems downstream from the Orbx servers. Some ISPs seem to cache corrupted copies of files, or have other caching issues, which leads to slow downloads. You can call bs on suggested causes and the like but the fact is Orbx has no control of internet issues after the data has left their servers. 


I'm sure the admins at Orbx will check the servers once the working week resumes but historically slow downloads have sorted themselves out after a day or two. 

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Well hopefully it will resolve itself - reading the other user's previous comments, it does smell like a CDN issue to me. 

I'm on Telstra, in Sydney - and a quick tracert shows the download to be routed to a Datapacket endpoint in Europe somewhere. The signal leaves the Telstra Global network in the UK, and appears to go to Amsterdam (IP Datapacket has a perfectly good endpoint right here in Sydney, so it does seem a little odd. I might be wrong, but it also looks like Orbx have built their own CDN rather than use one off the shelf?

I guess I'll hang in there - 3.5 more days it's estimated. Happy to gather more data if it helps any of the tech team. 

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