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Strange mesh near 3W5

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  • 2 weeks later...

Yeah, I was getting it too the first time, heading east. The fix mentioned below did fix it.


P.S My community folder is getting a bit crowded. Sure will be glad when they allow some sort of subfolders so we can get it organzied.



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You can organise already with a freeware organiser call Addon Linker. Google it. I use it all the time and it allows to load only the scenery or any addons you want for a particular flight. Reduces load up times massively. 

I would be more than willing to assist in the use of the freeware addon manager I use.

I attach an example pic of how I utilise the freeware programme to sort addons by aircraft/liveries/Regional scenery and utilities. I can enable and disable any part of those addon categories when I want to fly. The programme just adds symbolic links of the chosen addons to the Community folder. Fail safe from any potential loss of an addon as the original download/installation of the addons are kept away from the Community folder.

Not only does this allow me to just choose the relevant addons per flight but makes the load time very quick. I don't need scenery from the USA being loaded or looked for when I am flying in Europe for example.


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