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EGTB (Booker) Scenery has trees blocking approach to R24

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I am using a mod to increase tree LOD in the sim in general, and mostly it is working great and increases the visible draw distance of trees far beyond that in the standard sim, adding greatly to the realism. This is the mod https://secure.simmarket.com/bijan-habashi-trees-lod-fix_summer-season-msfs.phtml


However, with the tree mod I am suddenly finding large trees blocking the approach to EGTB R24, which are not there at all without the tree mod, and indeed are not there with the standard scenery with the Tree Mod active. Please see the attached scree shots showing with and without the tree mod and with and without the Orbx addon scenery for EGTB.


The tree mod is generally a very good thing in the sim, and I have not had any problems at other airports with trees in the way like this, so I am wondering if there are some trees in the Orbx scenery which are only becoming visible with this tree mod and which could be removed from the Orbx scenery to fix this problem?


As you can see by comparing the screen shots below, in the standard scenery there are NO trees at all across the end of the runway - not even small bushes. But in the Orbx scenery there are unwanted bushes across the end of the runway and these are being affected by the mod and becoming obstructive trees.


If I have to choose I will keep the tree mod and have to remove the Orbx scenery, as the tree mod is such a significant improvement to the whole world in the sim.


However, I hope you can fix Orbx EGTB so these problem trees are not there any more, as EGTB Booker is one of my local and favourite airports which I know very well.




Orbx EGTB R24 approach with problem trees and Tree LOD mod ACTIVE

ORBX EGTB R24 approach with problem trees.jpeg


Orbx EGTB R24 approach with no problem trees and Tree LOD mod INACTIVE

ORBX scenery EGTB R24 approach with no problem trees and no Tree mod.JPG


Standard scenery (no Orbx) EGTB R24 approach with no problem trees and with Tree LOD mod ACTIVE

Standard scenery EGTB R24 approach with no problem trees and with Tree mod.JPG

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EGTB is an addon by Pilot Plus only retailed via Orbx and therefore not an Orbx addon as such.

It would appear that the mod is actually also adding trees and not just increasing the LOD. Have you tried adjusting the Trees setting in MSFS. I know the modder suggests setting the Trees option to Ultra but have you tried reducing the settings to see if it also reduces the amount of trees without disturbing the LOD?

I cannot see the Dev of this mod @Pilot Plus making changes to the addon due to an unofficial mod, but by tagging the Dev we may get a response.

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Thanks both @Nick Cooper and @Jon Clarke


It would appear that your freeware mod is causing trees to be placed additionally in existing vegetation polygons. We use the native SDK when preparing our sceneries, and all processes align to that.


Editing a published scenery, that functions correctly with native MSFS - purely to support freeware packages is a nightmare for us. With the amount of freeware popping up, it is impossible for us to manage or even expect compatiablity with those that arent official add-ons. 


As nick suggested, I imagine another freeware which only affects LOD may be the best solution, rather than relying on a package which seems to exagerate tree placement and underlying generation. This way you can enjoy the scenery as it is intended to be used, whilst overcoming the tree LOD shortcomings in the current version of the sim.

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Thanks for your input PilotPlus.


I was only wondering if you could comment as to what the type of bush/tree is in your EGTB scenery across the end of the runway on R24 as seen in the screenshots earlier in this thread. Then perhaps the Tree Mod dev could look and see if he is somehow misinterpretting these or resizing them inappropriately.


I feel it is fair of me to ask this as both Orbx EGTB and the Tree Mod are paid-for sceneries, which indeed I have paid for. So a little support, rather than washing your hands of the problem totally seems fair.


Surely it would not take long for you to mail the author of the tree mod and between you find out what is going on? Is that too much to ask? You can mail him direct as NightSea143465 on the official MS FS2020 forums.


I've waited months for a tree solution as good as this, ever since the official tree lod got trashed about 6 weeks before FS2020 was launched, yet now I find that one of my favourite airfields main runways is unusable due to the massive trees when I use the tree mod.


I have not seen this at any other airport. Just Orbx EGTB R24.




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You could also contact the tree mod payware maker and state what the problem is. He could then modify his mod to ensure it doesn't add trees and only deals with the tree LOD aspect.

The official answer has been given by the Developer of the airport addon, Pilot Plus. The airport has no input from Orbx as Pilot Plus is only using Orbx as a retail outlet.

The issue has not been caused by the airport addon but by the mod from the Trees LOD developer and the onus is on that Developer to fix the issue. It could be doing the same to other airport addons that you and I don't know about, so the emphasis is on him to correct his mod. 

The freeware Trees LOD fixer does not add trees as I can confirm as I use it and EGTB looks fine.

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11 hours ago, Sled-Driver said:

I was only wondering if you could comment as to what the type of bush/tree is in your EGTB scenery across the end of the runway on R24 as seen in the screenshots earlier in this thread.


It was made clear that there are no trees there at all in the Pilot Plus product and that your

payware addon is redefining the trees to add some where there are none.

It has also been made clear, twice, that there is a freeware addon that adds to the distance

at which trees are displayed without changing the way in which those trees are displayed.


Despite your insistence to the contrary, the developers of neither product, nor the buying

medium, Orbx, are "to blame" for this and you, as the customer, must choose which you prefer to use.

Your statement that this "problem" is not present at any of the 37,000 airports included in MSFS

seems unlikely to have been fully researched.



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Can someone ask Nick Cooper to calm down. Seems like the bolshy headmaster type who is on a personal crusade to close down my questions about commercial products.


And why on earth he thinks I should not ask for support on a paid scenery is beside me.


All I am asking is for the Orbx EGTB dev to tell me what type of growing substance he has put at the end of the runway, BECAUSE THERE IS SOME THERE WHICH IS NOT IN THE DEFAULT SCENERY EVEN WITHOUT THE TREE MOD IN PLACE.


Then perhaps the Tree Mod dev I am discussing this with has a chance to see what his mod is incorrectly converting from small shrubs to massive trees, as can be clearly seen in the sceenshots I took the time and trouble to include above in this thread, and which definitely point to a problem somewhere.





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