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River and elevation not correct in Sweden


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One of my order numbers or transactions IDs are 5c29e21743983.



When I fly in the Northern part of Sweden the elevation seems incorrect but most concerning is that rivers and bridges are missing.

The images below are from the small airport ESUR located near the village Ramsele.

I have also attached the settings from FSX.


I am with great interest looking forward your reply.


Kind regards and a Happy New Year.


Lars Wikstrpom




ESUR FSX Compressed (2).png

ESUR Google Map (2).PNG

FSX Settings 1.PNG

FSX Settings 7.PNG

FSX Settings 5.PNG

FSX settings 4.PNG

FSX settings 3.PNG

FSX setting 2.PNG

FSX Settings in FSX.PNG

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Hi Smudger,


Yes, I agree. I have now changed it to your setting which gave me much more buildings and enabled some of the airports, however, the airport ESUR is still incorrect, with rivers and bridges  missing.


Thanks, Lars

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Hello Lars

This is what I see at ESUR Ramsele with Orbx Vector and Open LC Europe and unless you have a 3rd party addon, for you the same.

You are correct that it does not match Plan-G or Google Earth, river missing close by.

I do not know if it is just an FSX airfield or an Orbx entry with Vector. There are no entries in Vector AEC, to enable Airport Elevation Correction.

ESUR Ramsele.jpg

ESUR top down and Plan-G.jpg

ESUR Google Earth.jpg

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I took Apple map and if I look at the scenery using the map view you have the correct position of roads and waters. Why are not Orbx using  that type of view to get the correct placement and types? 

Thanks, Lars

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Orbx Vector was developed by a sub-contractor some long time ago.

It has anomalies but to date, many of them, including this one, have not been addressed.

There is no longer a relationship between the sub-contractor and Orbx but I think that you have your fix,

as kindly supplied by Smudger, to whom I am extremely grateful.

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@Tjader and @Nick Cooper

I am not sure if you are aware of or use the shortcut Toogle_Airport_Name_Display to locate airports while in flight.

But if you do here is a replacement APX52090 to be placed in FSX - Scenery - 0601 - scenery

Although the ESUR airfield moved successfully, the Airport Reference Position did not, so I have edited the bgl

It is not quite accurate as Ramsele is not shown right over the new position, but slightly to the side.    APX52090.rar

ARP for ESUR.jpg

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2 hours ago, Tjader said:

will place the file in the folder you stated.

Hi Lars

If you just drag it into the folder it will ask to overwrite as there is already a APX52090 file.

As a safety precaution you may wish to create a copy of the original file in a safe place, before putting the edited vesion in your FSX - Scenery - 0601 - scenery

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