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San Jose

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Although you haven't provided any detail, it sounds like the problem in MSFS where the mesh rendering doesn't update well. Complex scenery makes it worse. Doesn't happen so much with high end computers, and the settings in MSFS can help. Often it is seen in the landscape as a small steps that come and go as you fly over the scenery. 


During testing we noted that high speed passes over the airport caused massive cracking in the airport surface, and the more passes the worse the problem got. However, normal approaches with suitable settings in reasonable hardware caused no problems. 

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Hi there,


I suspect this was the problem also discussed in a previous thread:



It was noted during beta and, as John Dow mentioned, seems to be related to system performance and settings. I could even make it occur with the default KSJC airport if I had my settings high enough (you appear to have more power so hopefully can use higher settings than I mentioned in the thread above). It seems that the surroundings, even without the airport are, unfortunately,  rather demanding on the system.


All the best,



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