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answered No grass at Malmö


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Thanks. Unfortunatelly this did not solve it for me. In the Orbx control panel the grass is set to on. I tried a couple of summer months but no grass. By the way, I do have the same issue in Helgoland (EDXH) where I cannot see grass and other stuff. Maybe this is related somehow.



no grass malmo.PNG

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the grass is controlled by objectflow.

You will need to have that installed, it should not be installed into the default "Main Library"

but into a new library that is outside all the folders created by an installation of Windows.

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Perfect advise! Solved both of my problems at Malmö and Helgoland (see pictures). I actually did not have the objectflow on C: (Windows) but on D: (Orbx 250 GB SSD). Yet, as I just made myself a 4 TB SSD christmas present, I deleted the objectflow and installed it on the new F:

Thank you so much!

Actually I got this SSD for Orbx True Earth which is almost always at stable 32 fps even in complex sceneries like EDDH, KBUR or LOWI together with ActiveSky P3D. :)

i9 9900K @5,1 GHz, 2080Ti 11 GB

grass at malmo.PNG

object flow.PNG

grass at helgoland.PNG

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True Earth is actually only at the mentioned airport in California (KBUR). But the regions of North and South Germany as well as Innsbruck do perform great as well! The difference between P3D v4 to v5 was tremendous. 

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